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Wearable Absence

WABHeadshot  WABpda  WABOpen  WABupperbody  Diagram


Blue Code

BlueCode  BlueCodeConnect   blueHIres  Blue_Code

Early Work

EarlyTunic&VestSM   EarlyJacketOnSM

Early Tunic and Vest.  (2005)                                       Vest for “Twining” performance with Yacov Sharir.  (2006)

  EarlyJacketDetailSM  EarlyJacketSm

Details of “Twining Vest” (2006)

EarlyWireRapgridSm    EarlyBlackFabricSm

Sample of wire wrap grid.  (2004)         Early LED fabric. (2004)     Two photos by Paul Litherland


Samples of red LEDs and yellow Electroluminiscent wire embedded in handmade paper.


ColoradoLoRes  This is a Low Resolution photo of me at my first loom in Colorado