Studio subTela

Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University

The Enchantment of Textiles (in progress)

Objects from the Enchantment of Textiles.  Textile antennas laid onto each object will wirelessly connect them each other, to viewers and to random electromagnetic fields in space:  boots, wall sampler, mirror, magic wand + other objects in progress.



Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s Equations is a collaboration between Barbara Layne, Studio subTela and Lauren Osmond, with Geneviève Moisan, Tahseen Mustafa, Ahmed Kishk, Donna Legault, Hesam Khoshneviss, Sareh Majidi, Ryth Kesselring, Claire Nadon, and Marc Beaulieu.

MaxwellManLO  FaradayBLLO 

MaxwellNinaLO  ModelsBLLO  MaxwellTrioLO  AntennaLO 

Maxwell’s Equations consists of three garments that incorporate unique antenna designs that wirelessly connect the garments to one another. The designs draw inspiration from 19th century fashion and from James Maxwell’s pioneering theories of electromagnetic fields. When physically aligned, the strength of the connection will change the texts and formulas scrolling through the LED panels.  The antennas on the front of the dresses are in the shape of one of Maxwell’s diagrams.

Photo credit First Image: Matthew Brooks;  Black and White Image is Nina Bouchard:  all others do not require photo credit.

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The Branko Belt Project

         BrankooutsideLO  cuffsSmall

WyvernLO  BearLO  FalconLO

The Branko Belt Project is a suite of 3 receiver dresses and one transmitter coat.  Each garment has an antenna embroidered on the front.  When oriented toward one another, the LED Display changes messages, depending on the signal strength.  The project is based on a medieval belt from the British Museum.  Antennas and scrolling narratives refer to the images on the original belt (a bear, a falcon, a wyvern and a panther).  The project was created with Janis Jefferies and Studio subTela.

White Keyboard Dress: Typing a Word

SomeonHipLoRes  DetailSomeONLoRes  BackLoRes

The embroidered “keyboard” of this dress acts as a display.  When typing on a digital tablet that is connected wirelessly to the dress, the letters of the keyboard become illuminated.  The back of the dress is connected with two silver ribbons.  When clipped together, the dress is switched on and when unconnected, the dress is turned off.

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White Display and Touchpad

WhiteTchPadDisplayLo  whiteDisplayDet  WhiteTouchpadDet

Drawings made on the touchpad’s silver conductive grid will activate the corresponding LEDs that have been handwoven into the cloth.

White Touchpad Dress


The hand embroidered touch pad on this dress will activate the LEDs in the displays of the Currente Calamo Project (below).

Black LED Dress with Touchpad

  BlackLEDDressLoRes  BlackLEDDress2LoRes  BlackLEDwTchPad  BlackLEDTouchDetLoRes

Drawing on the hand embroidered touchpad will activate the LEDS on the dress in real time.  To “erase” the image, simply press the palm of the hand to the touchpad.

Black Touchpad Dress

BlackTouchpadDress  BlackTPDressArm  BlackTPDressDraw

The hand embroidered touchpad on this dress can activate the LED display in this image, or the LED dress (above).

Black and White Dress

BWDress1   BWDress2   BWDress3

This animations on this dress can be changed using a specially designed software.  The new animation is sent wirelessly to the dress.  The LEDs have been handwoven into the fabric as it was being made.